It’s Monday and everybody (well almost everybody) is starting off the week with the hopes of acing goals, getting work done or starting something new (I don’t understand why we are programmed to wait till it’s Monday. Lol).

The weekend as usual is always a time for us to catch up with family and loved ones, the time to rest and also the time to show ourselves some TLC and most times we throw caution to the wind in the name of self-pampering and end up eating, drinking and doing anything we may consider as having fun. If you are like me, who is looking at shedding off a few pounds, this is the time to quickly get right back on track.

A lot has been said about intermittent fasting and how it is done but the question is, does it really work? Well let’s find out!

A medical study that recently came out in the research journal, Obesity found that intermittent fasting could effectively lower appetite and helps the body burn fat to produce fuel. It turns to stored fat and burns those excess stubborn fat in the body. What I am excited about is the fact that it decreases hunger pains when done well.

Doing the IF does not mean, no food or water but rather watching what and the amount of which you consume. In IF, it is very important to stay hydrated. That means you are required to drink lots of water. You may drink a cup of black coffee or unsweetened green (in the mornings especially). Have a major meal (for lunch is recommended) that consists of 50% vegetables, 30% proteins and 20% carbs. The idea is to reduce the excessive production if insulin which spikes hunger and appetite. You may also have high fibre and water-containing fruits (with relatively low glycaemic index) like apples, watermelons, cucumber, papaya and tangerines (or oranges).

Intermittent fasting clears the unwanted chemicals and excess insulin produced in the body and yes, it works for detox and weight-watching.

Always remember to live your best life!

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