I became conscious of myself and weight when I was diagnosed with gall stones (cholelithiasis), high blood glucose and cholesterol a few years back. The major symptoms I was having were dizziness, tiredness and intense pain in my abdomen.

The doctor I consulted was a very good friend who knew very well the habits I had and was not the least surprised. I was an unconscious avid eater of fast foods and what I call liquid candy (coca cola and Fanta to be specific). Those aside, I had been quite a sedentary individual for a long period (I was an athlete before). He said that my condition would get better if I could only modify my lifestyle, specifically my eating habits. That became a wakeup call for me.

It was so difficult from the beginning but because I wanted to have a long, healthy life, I learned to push and discipline myself to eat well and exercise regularly. Eventually I lost massive weight (a total of about 17 kg). Not just that but my blood glucose and cholesterol went back to normal.

Now this was the problem. I felt I could briefly reward myself for the ability to stay away from “junk” for a little over a year. After all I had lost so much weight (and deserved a “treat”), I was exercising and also felt I had developed enough self-control with food. In short, I threw caution to the wind ate all I wanted, lost control and gained back most of the weight. The only difference this time is that I was still working out.

Fast forward to earlier this year (2019) I made the decision to return to the weight appropriate for my height and prevent the possibility of spiking my blood glucose and cholesterol levels. It was a great struggle with all the school and project works. I could not keep track of my consumptions and consistency with workout. I nibble a lot when my mind is at work and concentrated. It took self-consciousness to deal with this habit. With information from research I did, I came up with a routine and meal plan for myself. These were centred on my average daily activities. I was not seeing much results till I made a deliberate effort to follow my routine to the letter. This was just a few days ago and interestingly I’ve lost a good amount of weight. My sleep has improved and I feel so much better. I don’t feel weak or lethargic. In fact I am as energetic as I’ve ever been and also feel quite lighter. Having a healthy lifestyle is absolutely a habit to build and habits are not built in a day. It takes conscious efforts and discipline, not forgetting consistency to make it happen. I am definitely giving it my all within the subsequent weeks till I do the activities effortlessly so do watch out for progress report.

I am definitely living my best life!

Are you?

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