Our Approach

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Audrey Anim-Ankumah (Mphil, MLS). I am a medical laboratory scientist and a chemical pathologist in the world of academics.

I have my social media inboxes flooded, basically being asked about health and wellness, and even got suggestions to write a book or a blog for those interested to learn. The light bulb then lit in my mind. The concept of totally healthy with Audrey was birthed to educate and influence people on health and wellness. I therefore partnered with some passionate medical professionals to make resources available for public use. To achieve this goal, we have also adopted the use of some major social media platforms (whatsapp, facebook and instagram).

Our Story

I have always had fluctuations in my weight, as well as ons-and-offs with my internal and skin health. I have been on health programmes that improved my conditions but most did not last. During such programmes, I had a number of people ask a lot of questions about how to lose weight and gain good levels of energy.

My partners and I have been working together to make resources available to choose and learn from to achieve your best health and weight goals.

Meet the Team

The team consists of professionals from different fields of medicine

MLS Audrey Anim-Ankumah (Mphil)

Founder & CEO

Audrey Anim-Ankumah is a medical laboratory Scientist and an exercise enthusiast with a Master of philosophy (Mphil) in chemical pathology.

She has 5 years of experience, having worked as an intern and volunteer at the Korle-bu Teaching and 37 Military Hospitals in Accra, Ghana. She works in different fields outside of medicine but has the passion to influence people to take their health into their own hands.

Dr. Maame Araba Akyenba oduro

Medical partner

Dr. Maame Araba A. Oduro (Bsc. Human Biology, MB. ChB.) is a senior house officer at SRH, Ghana. She has 2 years experience in the field of medicine.

Having practised in two major hospitals in two different regions in Ghana, Dr. Oduro has been exposed to different health situations that required innovation and tactical use of her medical knowledge and skills. She has a month’s experience also in the Medical university of Silesia hospital located in Katowice in Poland, as an exchange student.

Next Steps…

Do you have mind-boggling questions about health and wellness? Please send us a message and we will be honoured to be of service to you.